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Hydraulic-pressure Horizontal Scroll Centrifuge

How to Work

    Connect the rotary scroll differential speed gear cage (1) to the bowl (3) of the scroll discharge centrifuge directly, while connect the scroll differential axis (2) to the scroll (4) directly, which causes the differential Δn. No gear box is needed between the bowl and scroll. Use hydraulic tube to connect the scroll differential speed gear and the pump package.

    The differential speed gear displays on the pump package and the scroll differential speed gear or displays over long distances. The scroll torque pressurizes the hydraulic pressure system and this pressure can increase or decrease the differential.

    If at extremely low differential, it has better stability and accuracy and can be adjusted accurately within the range of 1-35r/min. Once the machine needs to be cleaned because being blocked, the scroll stowing tool can be driven separately for discharging, which reduces the workload and the maintenance cost greatly. Other type of differential speed gears can not do this. In normal operational process, the scroll stowing tool rotates constantly. If the scroll stowing tool gets increasing load, the machine will makes it rotate quickly to speed up stowing and prevent from being blocked automatically.

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