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Zhangjiagang city HengRui pharmaceutical machinery Co., LTD. Is the production of separation machine and provide professional enterprise separation technology, company predecessor is zhangjiagang pharmaceutical factory. Enterprise from 76 years development, product development centrifuge of HengRui machine series products of more than 1,000 sets of production capacity, and since 1997, export. The abundant technical force, the company has LWL equipment manufacturing, PAUT LGZ, etc. Series of centrifuges, LD. Ten series production of more than 80 varieties. Products strictly according to GB/T13755-92, GB/T13756-92, JB/TQ619-90, JB/T8585-97, JB/T4335-91 standard production, product quality conforms to the ISO9001 international quality standard. Zhangjiagang city HengRui pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Is a professional production of centrifuge manufacturing enterprise foothold in China and abroad, according to a global product development trend and centrifuge market demand oriented to meet customer requirements for the purpose, after years of development. And now it has become a similar domestic enterprise of centrifuge, most varieties and full-lined series products of the highest professional technical content centrifuge manufacturing enterprises. The company product has passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication, and Japan, the United States, Germany, southeast Asia etc. Several customers successful cooperation, we have established in domestic centrifuge leader, HengRui series of centrifuges marketing network has covered most of the countries and regions in the world.
HengRui process control technology
HengRui machine in to provide the most effective and most economical solid-liquid separation solutions, we are dedicated to ensure that all customer satisfaction. From the first to the equipment of the project, the client will be lifelong service with our expert, the advanced technology, high quality, reliability and benefit of equipment.

Experience for 25 years, HengRui process control technology has become the leader of the equipment industry. Our engineers profound experience from more than 2,000 products and achieve 5,000 examples, more than 100 of the innovation ability that our patent. The extensive knowledge of our method and the support of the equipment, everything is recommended for your special requirements on economic performance and the optimal solution on.

The solution
A solid-liquid separation application is not only a machine. We through the whole process evaluation to determine how best to the mechanical and thermal energy components and peripherals united into a system. So, we have the ability to reduce quantity, the optimization process decompose surface and production operation, to avoid jet phenomenon and reduce energy consumption.

Technical support
We provide extensive service from the installation and maintenance of the operation maintenance to support. We will optimize your process, training personnel.

We provide fittings, and upgrade your equipment to meet the latest safety standards. Finally, we will be responsible for the service life of equipment to recycle. HengRui products in China, high-end clients first.

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